6.29.2016 - Post Carpal Tunnel

I imagine a fair amount of my audience here consists of bead makers - (lots of repetitive motion and probable carpal tunnel issues) and with that I wanted to report on my utterly amazing experience with my carpal tunnel surgery on the 15th of this month.  That's just two weeks ago!  

I took some torch time off - and really spent my first day, full time at the torch, this week. I am thrilled!  This has been an issue for years and I finally got tired of snoozing hands... there was no pain - but there also was no feeling in both hands thumb index,middle and part of ring finger.  

I had microsurgery - where the incision is about 1/2" across my wrist and a tube inserted with a camera and a (I think) crochet-hook shaped scalpel.  Surgery was at 7am and I was home by 10ish.  The bandage wraps came off two days later and the stitches (one per wrist!) came out the following Thursday.  Honestly - I had very little pain... seemed what took the most getting used to was the reduction of grip strength.  My incisions are now healed and working on fading away... (the doctor was kind enough to make them in a natural crease on my wrist - so I imagine they'll eventually be almost invisible!)

Yay Dr. Harris Rose (IMHO surgeon extarordinaire!!) & his wonderful staff at St David's  North Medical Center!

So, UPDATE tonight - posted it a few minutes late, but got 'er done!  Some cool new pendants on the page...