7.6.2016 - Back to the Basics

Hand shaped beauties... So - what I'm feeling is - let's take it back to the basics... hand shaped, gravity shaped - imagination infused creations!

I have decided to put presses on hold.  "Back in the day"...  (I can say that, as next year marks two decades that I've been doing this) we relied simply on surface tension, gravity, and a tad of manipulation with tools to achieve wonders in glass.  While I DO have an amazing collection and will still be selling the ones I have on hand, I will strive to move away from them.

Then boom, the advent of presses, it seems almost as if anyone can now make a bead (and for that matter, anyone can make a press) the listings on eBay (where I sold for 8 years) blossomed overnight and it became the sea of lampwork it now is.