3.08.2016 -Silvery Drops of Rain... and then some...

Rain is such music to my ears, as usual, each springtime - the rains come.    Seems maybe I should be making an ark - but instead am driven to restock my supply of handmade headpins, ear wires, jumprings, I'm even making some chain!  (last weekend the search was on to find some sterling silver chain - and it was near to impossible!)



As I write - my tumbler is humming in the background - steadfastly rolling the stainless steel shot over and over my silver pieces.  This gives them in credible polish, serves to work-harden the silver and just gives my finished pieces an extra degree of elegance.  I have been through a few of these tumblers and wanted to give a shout out to Harbor Freight for offering this workhorse - for a very reasonable price.


When I went to their site to snatch a picture of it, I was that it is on sale this week for $42.99 and IMHO is well worth the money!

Back in 2004 I took a silversmithing course - I really loved it - but at the time silver was uber expensive... and I wasn't willing to take the time away from glass to delve further.  The happy medium was to introduce it in the background with my beads.  Over the years - I have become a little more comfortable and can report that I've done away with mfg. bead caps, headpins and bails - and as of today sterling silver CHAIN.  So - I laughed today - as I used the Smith Little Torch to solder the jumprings closed - an important step in making chain.  The amount of heat required to solder 20ga sterling silver was a whisper compared to the output of the Lynx lampworking torch. LOL.   The Chain lengths are currently tumbling - I'll snatch a picture to put here in a little bit.

I confess that I did make a ton of beads this week, but as ususal - once I latch onto something new - I tend to run it into the ground.  I have made oodles of these little glass cups from last week - and while I think they're wonderful - I need to spend some time using them in a finished piece to get you fired up!   So - maybe next week you'll see the finished fruits of my "labor"*.  smiles and raindrops, Jill

*I have to smile each time I call this work or labor... as you know what they say - love what you do and you'll never work a day in your life!