2.3.2016 - Photo Mosaic

This Fence is in New Braunfels, TX... and seriously - I don't know...

Sir Charles... peeking over his fence.  Yes, it was late December and there were still flowers on the lantana!

I couldn't resist this dishtowel. (for those of you who know me well - I still can't resist collecting new ones!) I loved the double yolk!

little girl blowing bubbles down at the Riverwalk in San Antonio... loved the surface of each shining with so many colors.  Take joy when you find it - as this was fleeting!

Dad carved the pineapple, being an engineer - he chose the most efficient means with the least waste.  KUDOS!!

Somehow - I don't think this design element was for efficiency.  But I must admit - it brought delight to something that would otherwise have been most ordinary!

You have to remember - I live in TX.  In San Antonio boutique... bowties for TX formal... made from feathers.  LOVE this!

And finally, I know this is late.  But I had to show you.  This is the Christmas display in Johnson City, TX... at the Electric Company.  It was so amazing!  Spacing of the wraps on tree trunk was about 1/2" apart.  The trees were wrapped  out to most branches with the tiny lights - then the tree canopies were studded with larger bulbs.  AWESOME  so so awesome.