12.14.2016 - Castle Hill Graffiti Park

Austin... you've gotta love her.

YEARS ago - I lived in the neighborhood at the top of this park.  It's on the edge of being right in the midst of the meat of downtown, and has a view of that says it all.  "Way back when", this was a failed foundation for a commercial venture.  Given a few decades - it has become an art gallery that is always in flux, with new art popping up overnight - then obscured by the next up-and-coming one.  Nice - as it's like watching a r.e.a.l.l.y slow movie... 

Awhile back, my friend Vickie R. from CA was visiting and we went for a brief visit... since then it's become a mainstay to show visitors the oddly quirky remnants of this city and tell tales of things not torn down - but repurposed... I kinda like that.   Anyhow.  

It inspired a set of mine - that is way more colorful and abstract than I normally work... but it gives me hope that someday my inner child will be released. : )

JillSymons.com Lampwork
Graffiti Park - $130

So, this set above is on tonight's update... I was planning to do a mini one - only with cool earrings, thank you Barbara Muth (ArtSongSoul on Facebook) for yesterday's email.  Saying how when she was wearing her long purple pillar earrings - they made her feel like a million bucks (even when she was wearing the garb of an artist at work)... big smile for me, and inspiration to work in long slender pillars at the torch for the day.  Hence the update.... : )  The holidays are looming - and I decided to do what feels good this week.

: ) - smiles - Jill
(just to show you a pair up for grabs... )