1.27.2016 - My introduction to MOSAICS (SO) broadened my horizons...

Right about a year ago, I went with a girlfriend to a studio tour where I met Lynn Bridges - a Dripping Springs, TX painter/mosaic artist.  I had spent a little time talking about how cool her mosaics were - and loved that there was yet another way to repurpose glass and pottery.  I signed up to be on her mailing list...  then one day - I received a notice about a  Community Mosaic Project

I've provided a link to Lynn's blog which details the progress of this mosaic project over the past three years. So far, they've completed almost five of the six panels.  What I took away from this brief foray into mosaics is that not all mosaics are grouted-to-flush with the tile surface... and it's meticulous work, the details are amazing up close and from afar - it's hard to believe everything just blends into such a beautiful project!!

Below is the panel that's currently being worked on, and the drawing from which it was made.  Amazing the detail that is employed to render shadows - giving it such depth.  Very cool. Since this is a project that has had many hands on it - you see little touches.. like maybe a pretty tile is used as a tattoo... or a small charm is placed in with the pottery shards.  

The tiles below are about the size of the mini-Chicklets from years ago... maybe 3/16" sq.  giving much more detail to the small figures.  I was sooo impressed!