5.06.2015 - Through the Rain & Hail...

It may be a little late in coming - but this week's update features all of the sparkle I look forward to each springtime.  We've had some pretty angry weather - two hail storms and lots of clouds & rain so far, but I've heard talk that maybe this moisture in the soil will keep some of the temperatures down for our impending summertime.  

These stacks are showcasing Lauscha and Czech transparent colors.  While you will often hear me singing the accolades of Lauscha for the fact that I can work hot and fast - without any micro bubbles or boiling... the Czech glass is not far behind!  Transparent is TRULY just that.

Are you won over yet? These on the right were an exercise in how can we shift planes and add shimmer... New design for earrings, for the strong of lobe though. : )

Lots of Impressionist sets available - with lots of angles to reflect light - and revel in the goodness of sunlight and springtime!

I handshape these tile beads, yet they're amazingly close in thickness and size.  All holes are 1/16".  These tiles are fabulous CIM colors... except for the clear... that's ALWAYS Lauscha!  These were popular last week on the FB auctions - so of course there will be a sequel!  

When the rains snuck in I got into storm cloud mode and came up with this set... I'm pleased at the stunning simple design and the crispness to the edges of beads and design.

So that's all about the weather - and what's going on in my glassy mind of late... hope it strikes a note with you!  Smiles, Jill