2.25.2015 - Happy versus Elegant.

It is (tentatively) spring here in Central Texas.  The plum trees have pretty little blossoms and the yards are growing again... I am happy.  Winter is a distraction - a segue from life as it normally is here - and everything is more joyful when we're in shorts and sandals!

SO.  My first inclination is to work in happy colors.  Yeah. Opaque primaries? So not me... but good for a quick diversion.  Why? Well - seems no matter what I do - they just aren't taken as seriously as when the glass is beautifully transparent and rich.

This set has an opaque base to each bead, whereupon I've placed a copper stamping - and added a thin layer of clear encasing glass.  The heat from this process turns the coppery colored metal into a shimmering magenta.  I usually end up calling such a set - Electric Spring. (need to get that inference toward copper:electricity in there!).

But with as much work as this set is, it can't hold a candle to this:

This is why I absolutely LOVE transparent glass - it just has a language all its own....

reaffirming my passion for transparent glass... Oh, BTW - I also love to work hot and fast - and my go to glass is and always will be Lauscha for the very fact that for some reason - the rods don't explode in the flame, when working the glass - it doesn't get micro bubbles (scum) and their colors are simply amazing.  SO, I will work how and with what I desire this week, and we'll figure it all out later! Smiles, Jill