1.7.2015 - "Planely Speaking" - It's Complicated

While I tend not to enjoy holiday themed lampwork creations - I admit I have a quiet love for hearts, and am thrilled to be working towards Valentine's Day.  Most popular hearts are always classically red, no doubt about that.  I especially love Lauscha's Opaque Red for its ability to not streak when worked hard and to give a nicely consistent full bodied  gorgeous opaque red.  

but when I play, it gets to be complicated...  With this heart - I was considering how my stacking planes of color would affect the light coming through, while still delivering a classically shaped heart - it would be decidedly different - but most hearts are complicated, no?


Since light fills volumes - and the more edges a volume has to catch and throw light - the better, I chose to carve the surface of the above heart.  This creates interest while still allowing the shape of the volume & the beauty of transparent glass to speak - even through the surface design. Smiles, Jill