9.24.2014 - Behind the Lens

While glass is my first love, my knees weaken when I see something lovely.  I think I mentioned it in an earlier post - but - I've decided that at this point in my life, it's time to take the time to take note... stop the car - get out and take that picture that you saw in your mind's viewfinder.

Along with this realization, I was given a good firm nudge from an old friend - saying she missed my taking my camera out for the day and shooting.  I'd made a note to do that more also. (*lots of notes to self here lately*)... so I took these with her in mind - to add to the gallery and make mention that I owed it all to her.  But sadly, she passed away before I could tell her.
I will always think of her when I add to my image gallery.  Life IS a celebration and she just helped to remind me... I like that.