8.21.2014 - Packed with Personality...

It's funny - torch time is a pretty solitary time, usually accompanied by radio or simply thoughts running through my head.  I've often said I believe in the 20min bead, that any more time spent means either it's way too complicated for my taste or it's just never going to work out!  If I labor over it longer AND it doesn't work out - it's become a frustrating mental loss... accompanied by a potential financial loss from wasted time.

SO.  I am torch-bonding with the newly born bead, and find that it often will name itself during this time... I then have a pretty good idea of whom it will become.  The final sealing of its identity takes place during photography, where it can also develop a personality!

While the stringing of this set will definitely allow it to stand vertically upright - I think the falling down of several tiles add a sense of playfulness to an otherwise rather rigid set.

 I also like to vary the size of these tiles a bit - to allow for visual fun.  Because these are always  made with transparent glass, I make sure to flame polish both sides of the tiles to make it read like old fashioned window glass.  A smooth surface will more directly transmit light/sparkle/reflections. : )


I try to line them up to show edge progression, angles... maybe another shot showing clarity, or how when two light colors are superimposed - how the blending of colors naturally will occur.

Maybe it's safe to say - I love photography almost dangerously as much as I love making beads! ;  )

smiles, Jill