6.18.2014 - Routine or renegade?

"If you always do what you've always done - you'll always get what you've always gotten"

I view myself as a pretty solid person - face value and steady.   I make steady progress in a predictable sort of way.  You visit here perhaps weekly on Wednesdays and see I've made some small steps forward as once I find a new technique I have to try everything possible to find what it's best suited for.

Perhaps discovering a new look or technique (or having received new colors of glass) I am launched forward into a world of "what if?".  Do I need to step way out of the box?

What if the stringer were thinner, what if the encasing were thicker, what if the color were lighter/darker, how does the light permeate the glass, does a lack of surface decoration draw you closer to the beauty of the glass color?  I'm always looking for the beam of light that shows me the way to the next wonderful discovery, but at times am impatient!  


I LOVE the silvered glass I've been playing with now for quite awhile, and would be somewhat content to keep making the same until every woman on Earth were wearing a pair of my carved silvered glass earrings I've not fulfilled the need. LOL  But seriously...

This was the previous version of carved beads, I called it glass-braiding, same technique - different end result.  Still very cool.


I'm looking for the next inspirational item that helps launch me forward towards something new to showcase.  Maybe next week?

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