6.11.2014 - Finding balance, finished items or raw materials?

I've been making lampwork beads for right at sixteen years.  At times that totally dumbfounds me, and yet my enthusiasm and ideas never wane.  When I first started I found it very hard to imagine what to do with the beads, how to make them into finished pieces.  I also was mystified as how to pricing my work.

I sold on eBay for eight years, then decided to launch my own website and handle sales personally.  I've been back and forth with making finished pieces versus offering raw materials... but bottom line - I am a maker of lampwork beads - that's where the joy is for me.

But it's still very hard four me to keep my hands off of the earring pairs - as it seems to fill a need to make completed items.  Next week I will be adding a collection page that features solely earrings! 

Back in 2004-5 I took a silversmithing course and found a passion for making my own findings, then later on maybe in 2011 there were silver bracelets and bangles, earrings etc.  but I began to feel distance from my glass passion.  How to combine the two without stealing the thunder from the glass?

Components... To this day I make all my own headpins, ear wires, focal headpins and clasps.  It gives my work a touch of personal uniqueness and fills the need to dabble hammer and melt silver.  If you're one of my customers who isn't savvy on assembly - and would like me to - I can give you a price for finished pieces as well!