2.15.2017 - Bigger Brighter Bolder Beads

(First I have to mention that there's an update tonight at 9PM)

I've always thought jewelry should be rather small... and out of the way.  I still feel that way about earrings - that they shouldn't tear your ear lobe off - so I will maintain my view there... But necklaces - with a few key elements of weighty deliciousness - in glass -  are sooo wonderful.

There is this artist who makes this amazing necklace... her name is Lucette Mugnier - and they're sold through the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago... here's a link...

I had posted a picture - but there was a note about not using their images. : ( so I provided the link instead.  I purshased this necklace, so I thought I'd share how amazing it is... The hollows are sealed, filled with some type of viscous liquid... and have itty bitty Swarovski crystals that settle to the bottom.  So Very Cool.  Anyhow - stunning is just that - I wondered why it took three of these beads to achieve "stunning" here - as one is sure to wow.

So, in an effort to realize that stunning can be achieved in the Less-Is-More manner of thought - I created the larger version of my carved beads I've made for years... it's a 1" carved focal bead that has glittering silvery mica inside.  It nestles in the hollow of my throat... and is sparkly and 'alive'.  (but, I still bought the other necklace!!)

JillSymons.com Lampwork

JillSymons.com Lampwork

Then, in the mode of bigger brighter Bolder Beads... there is this set... I'm always inspired by the change of seasons to work with transparent glass and play with the way light is held/reflected.  NORMALLY, the oblong carved melon shape second from Right is focal bead sized... so - this set has big chunky beads that are alive with color and light.  I am *transformed*. smiles, Jill

JillSymons.com Lampwork


1.25.2015 - Wow! - 2017 Brings something BRIGHT!

Last year I made a gorgeous hollow necklace and the focal (and favorite hollow bead was a luscious green!)  Then went through a phase of using it for the bars shown below... I've been timid with green, because I thought it was difficult to wear close to the face.  But - next week we will explore a collection style offering that will bring this luscious color to the forefront!

While this photo shows Peridot faceted gemstones, my approach to pure saturated pops of color... set in a minimalist type offering will showcase the glass itself.


I am changing the way the offerings are organized.  I think it would make more sense to choose a color palette each week - or a collection style and stay within the parameters for a more cohesive page, offerings and visual experience.  

What colors are your favorites and which do you wish were more often paired up??

smiles, Jill