6.28.2017 - Off-Mandrel... (it only took me two decades!)

I have been mulling the idea of pendants lately... I like to imagine that the holes aren't there (but they usually are anyway)... until this week, when I was looking to create a cabochon type presentation - but limit the amount of post creation work (ie silver bezel setting or beaded setting)...  the idea of a pendant was alluring.

I am continuing my love-affair with the silvered glasses out there - and the simplicity of design to allow each element to sing.  I think this may be the solution.  Of course, I took it in other directions simply because I could... what do you think? Which do you like better?  What size would you prefer?  Cording or chain?


I like all the elements I mentioned earlier - and think this is a winner... it's about 1 1/4" dia - which is a nice size to wear close to your throat or on a longer chain.  Again, simplicity  very cool.  Update tonight 6.28.2017 - JillSymons.com at 9pm! Smiles, Jill

Then I decided that the loop of glass might be delicate - and how could I remove that?  I like the idea of a silver ring through a cabochon, but wanted to limit *again* post torch cold work... and managed this...

5.31.2017 - Color

Last week I had some issues with getting a true capture of the colors presented.  I took a quick snap with my iphone this morning as I finished stringing the sets - and thought that it was an  accurate representation.  Amazingly so.  SO, bear with the fact that the background isn't white...  but revel in the fact that this is what colors they actually are!  Maybe I need to take all the images with my iPhone.... hmmm?
These are just now being put onto the Weekly Update Page that will go live tonight at 8pm EST... on my website - http://www.jillsymons.com There are more goodies that didn't make it into the picture... but this is the brunt of Them! : )  smiles, Jill